Sunday, 11 September 2011


Profile: Jamie D.N.K.Y

Brighton fashion JUST got interesting.

So you thought Brighton was already strange and eccentric huh? From its thriving punk scene, to its glamorous, sure to be forgotten the next day, night life, you would think Brighton has seen it all, and in fact, done it all. That was until, Brighton gave birth to a fashion label that had the legs of women up and down the seafront willing to lose an arm for. That was until ‘D.N.K.Y’ was born. I know what you are thinking, a great play on words with another successful label right? But in fact D.N.K.Y stands for the creator, and fashioner, Jamie Donkey. D.N.K.Y equals donkey. It doesn't stop there.

The 28 year old Rastafarian graduate from Kent institute of art and design is a Caucasian, ex hippy with a thing for dreadlocks, and all things abnormal, and outrageous. And it shows, after revealing his latest work on up and coming miniskirts (which D.N.K.Y solely specialises on) it was hard not to gawp at the exceptional man in front of me. As he escorted me around his studio, he light heartedly joked about how he once squatted in the prince of Kuwait’s house in Kent, whilst reminiscing the days of travelling to over thirty-six countries, placing a personalized D.N.K.Y sticker on them, as he globe trotted along, basking in, inspiration for his work today. From his trance rave managering days, to that one time, where he managed to sell over twenty five paintings in his first ever exhibition, it is clear to me, Mr D.N.K.Y is more than what meets the eye.

His skirts are to die for- literally. The tribal, urban, in your face, yet so mini, skirts provide something mainstream fashion does not: it provides a unique character to the clothes itself. After asking him what made him chose such a profession? He answered, “It’s a second business” implying art is where the ‘big money’ is at. One of his paintings alone can be bought for £800 or more.

No doubt, the rest of the UK will be seeing a lot more of Mr D.N.K.Y. His natural flare to grab attention, capture youth, and life into his work, makes Jamie one of Brighton’s finest.

Written by, Rahima Begum.

Work im activly trying to get into galleries

Jamie donkey DNKY monster cabinet